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Mastering emotions is a key stake in any situation involving change or conflict. Developing emotional intelligence makes it easier to recognize one's emotions and those of others, to use emotions in decision-making, to understand the way in which emotions change and combine, and to manage them in our daily lives and when relating to others. In coaching and facilitating, we take this fundamental skillset into account and encourage our clients to develop empathy and their ability to practise active listening.


The development of an organization's full potential is directly linked with the ability of its leaders to master cultural diversity within its teams. Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts at all levels of hierarchy, with disastrous consequences for the productivity of a business. We help leaders and managers understand the culture clashes that can occur within their organizations, and tap into their hidden potential in such a way as to turn them into assets.


The ontogenic coaching® approach aims to help a person define her identity and elaborate a life project, taking into account the outside influences that have shaped and influenced her during her existence. Based on the idea that a person's beliefs are the result of a permanent fusion of information and experiences, the goal is to help her become aware of the uniqueness in the way that she is programmed, and to help her adapt optimally to her environment. This is in turn empowers the individual (or team) to attain fulfilment.


The level of trust within an organization is directly correlated with its performance and the return on investment for its shareholders. All health indicators of a business (financial results, staff turnover, rate of absenteeism, level of commitment, tolerance for change) are affected by its trust index. Jencquel Consulting can conduct a trust audit and use the results to take corrective action and thus foster a trust culture across the organization. Results can be quickly measured with key performance indicators.  

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